Aarief Hussain is an acclaimed travel photographer know for his thoughtful and highly committed long-term projects documenting the indigenous peoples and cultures of the Himalayan region. Developed over many years, Aarief's studies of the nomadic groups of the high mountain plateaus offer privileged insight into the fascinating but now increasingly endangered way of life of these traditionally transient communities.

With an unrivaled appreciation of light and form, an immersive shooting approach, and an admirable knack for gaining the trust and acceptance of the people he photographs, Aarief offers participants a unique chance to gain a solid understanding of the psychological, logistical and photographic methods required to produce visually stunning humanist travel essays of this caliber.

As a respected mentor and photography educator, participants will also benefit from Aarief's unwavering curiosity, amiable personality and well-honed mentoring skills, helping them to identify, nurture and develop their own unique talents. 

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